blah blah.

Lastnight I went over Kayla's house and then me, her, Sean, and Kristin went to the movies. We met up with Steve and Emily. We saw When A Stranger Calls. It was really good. Sean kept jumping and like hitting my leg. haha. It was sooo funny. Kristin and Emily were like screaming and the people behing us were laughing at us. It was fun though. I love hanging out with all them. They're so funny.

Uhm. When I came home I wanted to hang out with Chrissy wickeddd bad, but my dad wouldn't go out. RAWR! I was mad.

Today I'm going over Chrissy's and then we're meeting Sam dtown. =D I miss him soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much.

oh and then chrissy's sleeping over.

and you guys SUCK and neverrrrrrrrrr comment.
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Saturday night I slept over Chrissy's. We babysat her little cousin and whatnot. It was pretty amusing.
Then yesterday we went downtown and met up with Billy and Jimmy. Then we went to we all went to Chrissy's house. Uhm. We pretty much just talked, danced, and listened to music. We played truth or dare. oh god. haha.

My grandmother is here for like a week. ahhh! I'm gonna like die. She's annoying. She's gonna teach me how to sew, though.
Sean wants me to go to the movies with him, kayla, steve, kristin, and some other kid, so Sean doesn't have to be fifth wheel. Sounds pretty cool. =]. They're going to see when a stranger calls. I want to go. Sounds fun. =]

TOMORROW I'M HANGING OUT WTH SHAMMMMYYYY & CHRISSY!! =]. I haven't hung out with Sam since the summer. =[ i miss him LOTS.

well, that's it.
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i don't update much anymore.


I don't really have time to update like every anymore. Whatever. You'll deal.
Tom is moving to New Hampshire in three weeks. =[. So we're not going to go out or anything. Which totally sucks. Two guys in a row, I like, they like me, something has to happen. I like Tom a LOT. I'm trying really hard to not like get attached or anything because it'll just hurt me more.

Valentine's day was stupid. I got a box of chocolates and a teddy bear and I'll be getting a ring soon, so that's good. Tom stopped by my house with his friend Justin Dodd. =] I was soooo happy to see Tom. I was so surprised. We just took a walk. Nothing special. Whatever.

I feel bad because I'm being a major bitch to him without meaning to because I'm trying not to get attached, like I already said. Whatever. I think we're going to the movies this weekend, though. Hm.

Yesterday I didn't go to school because I'm really sick. I didn't go today either, obviously. Uhm. I want to hang out with Chrissy this weekend. I haven't seen her in two weeks. I miss her. =[
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i am so so bored. for the past two days i have done absolutely nothing at all.

but lastnight was soso cute. =]
me and tom were on the phone & he was wicked tired so he fell asleep & i didn't want to hang up on him so I fell asleep. and then my phone died. and i didn't want him to think i hung up on him so i called him back and we fell back asleep. idk. i thought it was cute. =]. but i woke up this morning and he wasn't on the phone anymore. =[ lol


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i'm lazy to the max with this thing lately. my typing won't be perfect because my wrist hurts too bad to really even care. my parents think i have carpel tunnel or whatev from being on the computer too much. oh well. i'm over it. but yeah, my wrist hurts like woahhhhhh. rawr.

uhm. wednesday i hung out with tom ♥. that kid is way more amazing than 99.9% of you. =] kthnx.

lastnight i got this site sent to me from girl with some gossip girl sn. the site was bashing a bunch of people in my grade. about me it said how ever since i stopped hanging out with josie & katie that my friend count has gone down to about two. yeah whatev. and it said how i only hang out with gabbi because i can't get any other friends. wow. get a fucking life. and it said how no one likes me and everyone just wishes i would leave northbridge so they wouldn't have to see me anymore. ha. like that's not a good thing to me? it gives me more reasons to convince my parents to get me out of northbridge. i am SO close to going to douglas. i love it, like soso much. but yeah, it does hurt, because i already felt like no one wanted me around. hoorah for being hated? no.

tonight i think i'm hanging out with tom. i believe we're going to the movies. =]. i think we're gonna go see when a stranger calls, or maybe pink panther, but my dad wants to see pink panther with me. so i'll probably wait and see it with my dad. aw how cute. daddy/daughter day. =P nerd? eh, so what.
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woahhh, haven't updated in forever x 347589357

I haven't updated in like forever.
I've been sort of busy, I suppose.

Uhm, I'm not going to snowball anymore, and I'm wicked mad about that. Supposedly someone on the school board or whatev found out an eighth grader was going, but I really don't think that's true. Ashley had Cory tell me that she couldn't take me, of all people. And then I haven't talked to her at all since, so I think it just has something to with the fact that the day before I found out, she was hanging out with Megan (who hates me & is Cory's girlfriend, who also hates me.) Whatever. I don't even care.
I lied.
Yes I do.
Because now I have a dress for nothing and I don't get to see all my friends in Douglas. =[

I want macoronni & cheese.


I've been talking to Tom Huckabee a lot. That kid is so so sweet. ♥. We're hanging out this weekend. and then, =D. Ask. I'll probably tell you. =]
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Today wasn't that great of a day.
I couldn't stop thinking about him.
I thought I could get over it if I just tried to convince myself it didn't matter.
I can't. It hurts so bad.
I don't think I should ever like someone ever again.

The worst thing about it is that I knew I was going to get hurt. I knew it. I didn't listen to my first instinct because I like him so much. Serves me right.

I hate never being good enough.
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Friday night I slept over Chrissy's. We hung around for awhile. Then we watched Flight Plan. It was good, but nowhere near as good as I thought it would be.
On Saturday we were really bored. NO! I DON'T WANT NICKELS! lmao. You had to be there. We called a bunch of people and we ended up going downtown. We met Billy Dyer down there. We went to Greg's and ate there. It was pretty funny. Then we walked up to the elementary school. Billy was having a good time taking videos. It was really funny. Then I accidently lost the backing of the camera. We looked around everywhere for it for like an hour. Then I found it. =D. Then Billy like tackled me to try to get it because he wanted Chrissy to have to do something for him for finding it. Then me and Chrissy had fun giving Billy a boner. It was soooooooooooo funny. Then Billy had to go home. =[. When we were walking back down to Greg's we saw Josh. We went to Greg's and Chrissy ate. Then we went back to Chrissy's. I wanted Chrissy to sleepover, but she had to babysit. =[.

Today I woke up to my mom standing outside my door being wicked loud talking to my sister. She's like "oh, I'm sorry, I forgot you were home." I was just like, uhm, thanks. Then I just kind of hung around for awhile. I showered and got ready. Then I went down to CVS and met up with Jimmy, Joe Leach [who like barely said two words to me like the entire time =/], Joe Latourelle, and uhm.. some kid whose name completley slips my mind. We hung around. It was fun. They got cap guns and had fights. We walked down to Helen's gas station and just kind of hung around. Then some lady from the newspaper came and took pictures of us and stuff, because we were the only people outside and it was raining and everything. I'm sure I look like shit in those. Whatever, I don't really care. Then we walked around. We met up with Mike. And I got snowballs thrown at me and water kicked at me. I was getting annoyed. Then me and Joe went home.

When I came home, I found something out.
I won't say what it was, but I'll just say that, I knew I should just give on liking people. =/
It hurts, really bad. Oh well, I knew it was coming.
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