March 28th, 2006


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Matt and I were supposed to hang out yesterday, but we couldn't. It was a great day anyways, though. I hung out with Joe, George, Dan, and Ricky. They're hilarious. When I walking to go meet them, Dan ran up to me, slid on dirt, and fell on his ass. It was hilarious. Uhhhm. We hung out and just like walked around and stuff. Then I had to go and then they came over. We just kind of chilled in the backyard. It was a lot of fun. We were talking about how they can see me as a groupie of a band and how I'm going to be the first one raped. lol. It was funny. I love those kids to death <3.

Lastnight I woke up and was stung by a bee. It hurt wicked bad. It still does.
I missed school because I had an allergic reaction so my throat hurt wicked bad and stuff. I missed MCAS, but whatev. Don't care.

Matt broke up with me. Yay for six days? whatever... :(.

I hate not being good enough for anybody, ever.
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