March 4th, 2006


and afterall, you're my wonderwall ♥

school. progress report day.
B block - Language Arts -x- Vocab test. It was extremely easy. Then I had to do my stupid Lyddie exam. I never finished the book so I kind of bullshitted my way through it. ha. I got a I/D- in that class.
C block - Math -x- Took a test. Easy. Then worked on some worksheet. Easy. I got a fucking B-!!!!! HOLY CRAP! It was a D-. I'm so proud of myself. haha.
F block - Science -x- Took a quiz on the inner planets. Wicked easy. Uhm. Then we started learning stuff on the outer planets. I got a C in that class. eep.
D block - History -x- Worked on our slave project things. Whatev. I got a C- in that class. Eh. Whatev.
Lunch -x- Ate chex mix and then I got dismissed.

Something not so good happened when I got home. Won't say what is was. =/. Ask & i'll probably tell you, depending how good of friends we are.

Then I went to Kelcie's. We just kind of hung around and made cookies.
I came home around 5:54ish. Then I ate & got ready. My dad took me to BVT for the battle of the bands, where I met up with Dan. It was pretty fun.

Dan is probably coming over later. =]. Then who knows what.
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