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uhm. Today Kelcie came over after school. We hung out with George, Joe, Erik, Ricky, and Mully. It was pretty fun, but Joe liked broke my wrist haha.
Kelcie left, and now I'm bored. :(.

I have this new attitude about things. I just don't care. Obviously I do, but pretending not to care is easier, so yeah.

oh, and real friends would be pretty nice. :)
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Matt and I were supposed to hang out yesterday, but we couldn't. It was a great day anyways, though. I hung out with Joe, George, Dan, and Ricky. They're hilarious. When I walking to go meet them, Dan ran up to me, slid on dirt, and fell on his ass. It was hilarious. Uhhhm. We hung out and just like walked around and stuff. Then I had to go and then they came over. We just kind of chilled in the backyard. It was a lot of fun. We were talking about how they can see me as a groupie of a band and how I'm going to be the first one raped. lol. It was funny. I love those kids to death <3.

Lastnight I woke up and was stung by a bee. It hurt wicked bad. It still does.
I missed school because I had an allergic reaction so my throat hurt wicked bad and stuff. I missed MCAS, but whatev. Don't care.

Matt broke up with me. Yay for six days? whatever... :(.

I hate not being good enough for anybody, ever.
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I love how I never update anymore.
Me & Matt are going out. :) <3 I like him a lot. He's different than anyone I've ever gone out with, and I love it.
Uhm. Me & Chrissy aren't allowed to hang out anymore. Because I'm awesome and I fuck things up.
Kelsie Pouliott wants to kick my ass. Ugh I hate her. I would like to see her do it because I want to punch her in the face sooo bad!

that's all for now.
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i hate people so much. if anyone read that stupid fucking entry obviously it wasn't me. who ever fucking wrote that is gonna fucking die.


Today was a good day. I had one class because Miss MA came to the school, then we went to a career fair. I got a screenname from a hot kid, and a phone number and screen name from this gorgeous kid. ♥.

Seriously like, die.
Cory IMed me and he's like "blah blah Mike doesn't wanna fucking go out with you blah blah blah." Uhm okay. I guess Mike said people keep asking him out for me? Uhm. No. LAME!! He likes Ashley, I don't want to go out with him. Yeah, I liked him a lot, but fuck that now. lame much? I'd sure as fuck say so.

p.s. I'm getting fat & it's gross.
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Okay. I never update anymore. Things are going real good at times or real bad. There's no happy medium. It's lame. & It pisses me off. Me & Chrissy like never talk anymore. =[. She's always too busy with Josh and it's lame. We sort of had a fight about it and then I thought that everything was okay. But apparently it's not because she won't even talk to me right now. She's my best friend and I miss her so much and it's killing me that she like doesn't even wanna be near me anymore. =[

ughhhhh. like seriously, everything is too much lately. All the time my moods are just really bad.

I'm sick of life.

but morris is playing at my bday party.
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and afterall, you're my wonderwall ♥

school. progress report day.
B block - Language Arts -x- Vocab test. It was extremely easy. Then I had to do my stupid Lyddie exam. I never finished the book so I kind of bullshitted my way through it. ha. I got a I/D- in that class.
C block - Math -x- Took a test. Easy. Then worked on some worksheet. Easy. I got a fucking B-!!!!! HOLY CRAP! It was a D-. I'm so proud of myself. haha.
F block - Science -x- Took a quiz on the inner planets. Wicked easy. Uhm. Then we started learning stuff on the outer planets. I got a C in that class. eep.
D block - History -x- Worked on our slave project things. Whatev. I got a C- in that class. Eh. Whatev.
Lunch -x- Ate chex mix and then I got dismissed.

Something not so good happened when I got home. Won't say what is was. =/. Ask & i'll probably tell you, depending how good of friends we are.

Then I went to Kelcie's. We just kind of hung around and made cookies.
I came home around 5:54ish. Then I ate & got ready. My dad took me to BVT for the battle of the bands, where I met up with Dan. It was pretty fun.

Dan is probably coming over later. =]. Then who knows what.
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don't go worrying about me.. it's not like i think about this constantly..

So I haven't updated in like forever.
Nothing has really happened.

Uhm. Boys are smelly & suck balls. Okay. Yeah. I'm sick of getting hurt. Like a lot.

The other day Joe came over. It was kind of awkward. We talked a lot about what happened between us. I was trying really hard not to cry... I don't think he noticed though, which is good. Yeah. He asked me if I still had feelings for him.. and answering was hardddd. We watched tv and stuff and like, beat the crap out of eachother. My legs are all bruised and my hand is swollen and bumped weird. Rahhh.
Uhhhm. Tom is always mad at me for one thing or another. Like I'll say I have to get off the phone and he gets fucking pissed at me because I can't be on the phone. He gets mad at me when I hang out with other guys. Seriously. We're not going out. And incase he hasn't realized, I don't like him like that anymore. Whatevvvv.

I'm deffinetly going to either BVT or Douglas next year. That makes me pretty happy. =]

Tomorrow I'm getting dismissed from school because there's going to be this big long assembly on Northbridge High. Lame. I'm not going there, so I don't need to be there.

Tomorrow night there's this battle of the bands thing at BVT. Dan Featherstone wants me to go. I don't know if I am or not.

whatev. that's it.
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